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Why the Workman’s Baseball Glove?

Tweet  The Major League Baseball game we are familiar with today is a far cry from its original origins and gloves, ubiquitous today, weren’t always a part of the game.   The game that most resembles today’s baseball emerged shortly after the Civil War. Union and Confederate soldiers often passed time during the long periods between battles playing […]

How Baseball Changed My Life

TweetI am often asked how did you get into what you do. What I do came to me through years of trial and error, experimentation and experience, and 100 years of collective know-how. Since I grew up in the New York metropolitan area, I’m naturally a great baseball fan. For more than fifty years, I […]

Some Thoughts on Glove Leather

Tweet All these factors make for the unique characteristics of leather. For most of the 20th century, the very best glove leather was tanned in the northeast area of the United States. Due to the world economy, all the tanneries in this area have disappeared. The craftsmen who produced it have disappeared too and with them […]