Helpful Information on Cleaning Your Glove

Cleaning and conditioning your glove and mitt.                                                                 

You can clean your leather while the laces remain in the glove or mitt. If you are confident of your relacing ablility, we recommend you remove the laces from the glove to best clean in all the different areas of the glove. This will ensure that the leather will get the maximum conditioning and cleaning in hard to reach places even under the laces. If you are careful, and you have removed the old laces without cutting them, often they can be laced back in the glove or mitt.

If you follow these special directions your glove or mitt will continue to service you for many years.

Periodically, perhaps before and after seasonal use, clean your glove completely with the Glove Doctor’s CleanUp or mild hand soap and warm water.


Don’t worry, water, leather cleaner and mild natural soaps will not hurt your leather. Soap up a soft cloth or sponge with the leather cleaning solution and wipe all the dirt off the leather. Be careful not to rub too hard or this may remove the surface epidermal layer of the leather and weaken its strength and longevity. After you have cleaned the leather inside and outdab and dry it with a soft cloth or a quality paper towel to remove excess dirt and water. Allow your glove to dry thoroughly (at least a few days) at room temperature. Now you are ready to condition the leather. You can apply the Glove Doctor’s Glove Medicine or Petroleum Jelly to replace natural oils, preserve finish and extend the life of the leather. Apply conditioner only after your glove has completely dried. Watch for mold rot forming on leather and stitching. If mold appears, wipe it off with a damp soft rag and apply Glove Medicine. You may also want to wipe out the inside area of your glove occasionally after each use or clean with CleanUp or mild hand soap. It’s a good idea to remove dirt, grit and the salts from your hand, which can build up in the leather periodically. These natural elements can be very abrasive and corrosive to the leather.

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