Replica Professional Fight Gloves

Replica Model 2006 & 2008 Professional Fight Boxing Gloves 20th Century
6 once (small in size)  and 8 once (larger in size).
The origins of the boxing glove are unknown. However, in 18th century England Jack Broughton introduced “The London Prize Ring Rules” which included the use of padded gloves. The basic design elements essentially did not change until the late 20th century. The fight glove consists of a soft leather shell with curled animal hair inserted in a lining pocket for padding over the fist. For nearly the entire 20th century, the  2006 dominated and was the preferred boxing glove. Like a Rawlings baseball and a Wilson “Duke” football, the 2006 was the standard.
Now you can have the same famous fight gloves made to exacting detail. This is the real deal.
Americaisfighting  Made in  USA

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