Ambidextrous Baseball or Softball Glove


Ambidextrous Baseball or Softball Glove.

John Golomb creates a honest, functional baseball glove design with no extra ornamentation or gimmicks.  There’s no vinyl to crack, no foam rubber to break down, only generous cuts of full grain leather carefully sewn together–nylon  stitched to last.  John’s unique design features assures that the glove is the highest quality with everlasting durability, something that you can’t expect in any manufactured production line glove.

Velcro adjustable thumb and small finger loops and wrist strap makes this remarkable glove  fully adaptable to either hand.  Available in black and 12 1/2″ size only.

All gloves are custom made allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Americaisfighting  Made in  USA