Hey John, Just want you to know I am thoroughly amazed at the work you did on my glove. You are a miracle worker. This glove is priceless to me and well worth the repair costs. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that has a glove in need of repair. Thanks again for your great service.


Farmingdale, NY


John thank you for the wonderful work you guys did on my sons catchers mitt he is beyond thrilled, again thank you and I have another globe that I’m sending you to see what you can do with it thank you


Enterprise, IL

Got the glove and it looks great! I’ll be recommending your services to my teammates.
Lebanon, IL
John – the glove looks awesome ! My wife’ s late Dad got it for her when she was playing high school softball at South Shore over 25 years ago and it has a lot of sentimental value.
Thanks for giving it a 2nd life – we can’t wait to play our first game of catch !

Brooklyn, NY



I received my glove back a couple of weeks ago.  I was astonished.  I never thought I would be able to use that glove again — after more than 30 years of hard play. It is just perfect.  My wife can attest that when I opened the box, I was overwhelmed.  Memories of the day my Dad gave me that glove so many years ago came flooding back.  The best part of your restoration is that it feels brand new inside, but you maintained all of its wonderful traits picked up along the years.  I’ve been playing catch every weekend with my boys and the mitt has its old pop. Your workmanship and care are top notch.

With gratitude,


Harrison, NY



I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I just wanted to say THANKS for the fantastic job you guys performed on my old Freddie Lynn glove. That glove is at least 30 years old and you guys restored it to perfect game shape. I could not be happier!  Thanks again,


Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


I have been in the glove collecting hobby since 1989.  Many times you find “keepers” that need a little TLC.  Each glove sent to the Glove Doctor receives the individual care that you would want your prize glove given.  NOBODY has the leather craftsmanship or attention to detail as the Glove Doctor.  He is simply the best!

Fred Lowman

Baseball Bat Repair, Restoration

Barkhamsted, CT


No one finer or more trustworthy than John Golomb, the Sports Doctor, with whom I’ve  closely worked for the past 15 years. Excellent workmanship!

Joe Phillips
The Glove Collector

Dallas ,  TX


Dear Mr. Golomb,
I just received our glove that you restored. Outstanding work on your part. I am, as you predicted, completely satisfied.
Many thanks,


Winston Salem, NC


I received the three-fingered Rawlings baseball glove yesterday and it looks terrific! I cannot believe how vintage it looks and feels.Stan Musial would be proud. I think Red Schoendeist would be proud too.  What about using this baby? What about maintaining it? Any real special instructions? Thanks again,


Port St. Lucie, FL


Dear Mr. Golomb,

I received my restored glove and  couldn’t be happier. You did a wonderful job bringing it back. However, your ability to decipher the signature on the glove as Bobby Doer has created some controversy here. The glove belonged to my father and was used, I assume,  in his youth. He graduated from high school in 1931 and so I assumed the glove dated from about the late 1920”s. In fact it does resemble gloves I have seen in old time baseball movies such as Eight Men Out and Field of Dreams.

When I looked up Bobby Doerr (note spelling) on the Internet, I see that he played for the Boston Red Sox from 1937 to 1951, which means the glove might date from the 1940’s. But I thought that by the 1940’s, gloves were much closer in style to today’s – with webs between the thumb and forefinger and the fingers laced together.

So, its a puzzle. I don’t know if you might have any knowledge or opinions you could share with me on the subject, but if you do I would appreciate it.

Again, thanks for the wonderful restoration job. We will value both the glove and its mysteries as family heirlooms.

Don S.
Oregon, OH


Dear John –

My father, Robert ,recently gave me the Black Neuman glove that you repaired and reconstructed for my 29th Birthday.  When I opened up the box I was honestly blown away by the new condition of the glove.  Having the glove since I was 8 years old I know every detail of it, which made it easy for me to see the wide variety of improvements you made.  My glove was 21 years old and you turned it back into a child haha.  I can’t thank you enough and I have already recommended you to many of my friends and will continue to do so every chance I get.  Once again thank you for your excellent craftsmanship, this glove is one of my prized possessions, and now it truly is a prize.



Hillsdale, NJ


Mr. Golomb,

I received my old Reach today and was totally blown away by how good it looked. Thank you, you’ll hear from me again.

Richie B.



I received my glove yesterday.  You did a great job-very happy with the results.  Can’t wait for the warm weather to shag a few.  Thanks,




I greatly appreciate your attention to detail and regard your work as that of a true craftsman.  You have brought life back to an otherwise tired heirloom.  This glove has been passed through the family for over forty years and will now be given to the next generations of my family.

Many thanks for services.

Dennis J.

Brea, CA



Thanks so much for the great piping job you did on our 1920s Pennant Brand glove.  The match of materials was super!

John P. Jr.

New Jersey


Several years ago I commissioned you all to create a baseball glove for my son, Kevin White. I had bought 6 nice off-the-shelf gloves (Mizuno, Rawlings, etc.) for Kevin, but he did not like any of them. So I found the The Glove Doctor. For about five years Kevin used Ol Hoppy, the name I gave the custom made Mitt (Kangaroo). Kevin used this mitt in year round play, AAU tournaments, practice and finally at the Naval Academy baseball tryouts last year (2003), Kevin being just 15 (and yeah they look at kids that young). As you can imagine Kevin holds his own playing baseball.

Ol Hoppy finally gave out soon after the Naval Academy tryouts. I ran out and bought a couple of nice gloves for Kevin but his fielding went to pot with these mitts. Then I remembered that The Glove Doctor guaranteed their gloves. So I grabbed a box and sent the glove back to be repaired. I had little hope of them fixing the glove because no one stands behind their work anymore; they just get your money and run. Well, SURPRISE!!!!

The mitt was sent back to us better than new. Kevin’s fielding rivals Jeter again and I (Dad) am happy. So happy we ordered another mitt from The Glove Doctor as a backup. Kevin can not wait til it gets here nor can I. Kevin is for real.

Thank you for doing a good job.

Kenneth W. White

Midland, VA



I just got my football back today.  It looks great- Thank you very much for a job well done!  Best Regards,


Huntley IL


Received the glove yesterday.  I have to say that I was completely stunned when I opened the package.  I never thought my glove would be returned to it’s original form as you have managed to do. In fact, it may be better than it was new!!  The interior leather seems to be a higher grade than the original.  I can’t thank you enough. I will be taking very good care of this glove moving forward and it will be getting good use this spring when my fast pitch men’s softball league gets going.  I will be sure to pass your info on to any of my teammates with gloves that look like they need some love. Cheers!!
Philadelphia, PA

Hello John,

Thank you for the great service on my vintage Made in the USA Everlast striking bag.  Excellent service and quality, website, and family history.  Your craftsmanship of historic baseball gloves is wonderful.  It’s people like your family that made America great. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,



Boxing Gloves



Because it’s the glove you loveThat’s why you repair it.